Bluetooth HC-06 Module / Arduino UNO V-USB Keyboard

Hi friends. I'm trying to develop a project with the V-USB for Arduino. This project is to be able to send keys through an Android device to a computer using the V-usb and a bluetooth module.

In my case, I use my phone Samsung , a bluetooth module HC 06 and my Arduino UNO R3.

For the V-USB library works correctly, I use the Arduino IDE 1.0.5 r2. And the application, I developed in the app inventor 2.

The V-USB schematic is the one below:

PS* : 1- I'm using a 2k2 Ohms resistor, in place of the resistor 1k5 Ohms.

The D- go to the Arduino PD3
The D+ go to the Arduino PD2

The HC-06 module is connected as follows: the TX pin on Arduino pin RX and the RX to TX on Arduino pin. The VCC module has a 1.8 K ohm resistor and the GND a resistor of 3.1 K Ohms. With these resistors, I can get 3.3 V from 5 V.( I'm using the Atmega328p as a "Standalone Device", after program the chip with the code).

With the V-USB mouse library, the project works. But in the case of the keyboard, the device is recognized, however, can’t send keys.
My project is based on this design made for Arduino Leonardo : App Inventor 2 - Arduino Bluetooth Keyboard for PC - Mac - RPI - YouTube

Except for some descriptors, the libraries USB Keyboard and USB Mouse basically have the same operating functions. Why the mouse works and no keyboard ?
Can someone help me ?

Link to download the apk file:

Thanks in advance.