bluetooth HCI communication

Hello! I have used bluetooth modules in the past with arduino. These modules are easily programmable via AT commands, but are slightly big in size. I want to use a smaller module which i would like to pair up with an android phone, and send sensor readings to the phone via the module. I found small modules here, Pan 1326, pan 1327

Well this says that the module uses the HCI protocol. I earlier used the bluetooth module rn 42 which used SPP profile instead of HCI. For Rn 42 i just had to connect the UART of microcontroller to the UART pins on the module, and it transmitted whatever data it got from the controller. Here is the datasheet My questions are 1. Will i be able to transmit data through Pan 1326 or 1327 , just by connecting the UART pins on the microcontroller to the module, or do i need to do something else as well? 2. How will I be able to pair this bluetooth module to the android phone? with rn-42 it was simple, just enter the passcode.

Here is the datasheet of Pan 1326,1327.

Hi I'm looking into this module as well did you ever get it to work?