Bluetooth Headset like airbuds

Hi everyone!

I'm working right now in a project that we want to create something like airbuds, earbuds, etc...

So, we are trying with the module BK8000L, but we dont know how to send audio (wireless) to another ear.

We are investigating how to create a master and a slave like HC-05 component but we have to much problem with this...

I need to take the audio of a mobile phone (via Bluetooth), and control it (volume, stop de music, answer call) in a headset like a Airbuds

Somebody knows something about this?
Thank you in advance!!

Why are you asking this on an Arduino forum?

Maybe somebody knows how to do it in arduino....

I am looking for solutions...


I don't know of any Arduino that comes remotely to the size required to fit in a human ear.

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