Bluetooth headset speech recognition

Hey there guys. For a while I’ve been working on a “Jarvis” type project . I know many people attempt this type of thing but I never was truly impressed with any arduino based ones I’ve seen, so I decided to start my own. I purchased a Bluetooth dongle and have a headset that could connect to my computer. Then I interfaced Bitvoicer and my arduino since Bitvoicer is made to interface with it. And to be honest, it actually worked pretty well for a first try. Something was happening with the audio gain in Bitvoicer and I had to speak loudly but it was interfacing with arduino well. All this to ask a few questions. 1. Does anyone know of a way to speed up the connection between the headset and receiver? My headset is kind of older so that could be partially the problem. 2. How would I go about sending audio back to the Bluetooth headset to have him “answer” me. Basically just streaming audio files (.wavs or .mp3 or something I don’t care) back to my headset. And lastly 3. Does anyone know of a way to improve this idea? That’s my main objective. Ideally I would like to use google voice cause it is so dang accurate but I don’t know how to interface that with arduino. All thought and suggestions are welcome thanks.