Bluetooth HM-10 AT commands for auto connect

Hi folks!

I have two HM-10 bluetooth modules who works with this comands:

Command Description

AT Check if the command terminal work normally
AT+RESET Software reboot
AT+VERSION Get firmware, bluetooth, HCI and LMP version
AT+HELP List all the commands
AT+NAME Get/Set local device name
AT+PIN Get/Set pin code for pairing
AT+BAUD Get/Set baud rate
AT+LADDR Get local bluetooth address
AT+ADDR Get local bluetooth address
AT+DEFAULT Restore factory default
AT+RENEW Restore factory default
AT+STATE Get current state
AT+PWRM Get/Set power on mode(low power)
AT+POWE Get/Set RF transmit power
AT+SLEEP Sleep mode
AT+ROLE Get/Set current role.
AT+PARI Get/Set UART parity bit.
AT+STOP Get/Set UART stop bit.
AT+INQ Search slave model
AT+SHOW Show the searched slave model.
AT+CONN Connect the index slave model.
AT+IMME System wait for command when power on.
AT+START System start working.
AT+UUID Get/Set system SERVER_UUID .
AT+CHAR Get/Set system CHAR_UUID .

I set one as slave and second as master. I can connected to gether manualy after AT+INQ and then AT+CONN. But I want to connect it automatecly after powering up. I tried AT+CONA and writed address and so on, I got back ERROR. Commands like this is not worked: HM-10 Bluetooth 4 BLE Modules | Martyn Currey

Any help and experience?

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