Bluetooth intensity


I'm currently working on an arduino project and I want to measure the bluetooth intensity. But I don't know how to do. I have heard that I can use the RSSI value to have this intensity but I don't know how to use it. I'am using an arduino uno and a HC-05. I have already make all the connection and everything work. The only problem is the Bluetooth intensity. If somebody know something about this please I need a help. I also try to use AT command like AT+RSSI? and other but they don't work. Please I need a help.

A lot of people have the erroneously idea that RSSI is very useful - in practice it varies so much according to many factors, that all you can really glean from it is "good signal, poor signal" - its no use for measuring distance for example as multipath and polarization variations will totally dominate.

It can be useful for testing/characterizing antennas and so forth in an RF anechoic chamber or an outside test site (no multipath, polarization controlled), but if that's what you are about you'll probably have better test equipment to hand.

Thank you. I know that the RSSI value are not exact but I want to use it to measure the bluetooth intensity with the Arduino. I don't have choice. It is the only way that I have to measure the bluetooth intensity. So I need a help. I want to if somebody know how to find this RSSI value.