Bluetooth Keyboard to Control Arduino?

Is it even possible to use the following:

Bluetooth Keyboard-----> HC-05 ---> control Arduino Mega?

I have already through painstaking work, gotten the HC-05 to connect with my smartphone which controls the Arduino but I need to use the smartphone to pair to the HC-05 to begin sending/receiving Serial data.

I have seen some cool articles sort of related to this, which seem to include placing the HC-05 in AT Command mode but I'm not even sure if the device (keyboard) I have is compatible with the HC-05 yet.

Basically, the device I'm using is called the iCade 8-Bitty and the reason I refer to it as a bluetooth 'keyboard' is because it sends bluetooth keyboard commands and pairs itself as a bluetooth keyboard.

This product is discontinued and contstant internet searching still yields no exact results as to the exact technical specs of the device, just that it's commands are recognized as that of a standard bluetooth keyboard. Has anyone had success controlling (sending serial data to) an Arduino using a bluetooth keyboard or is this a fruitless effort?

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