Bluetooth LE communication with Arduino (HM-10)

Hi there, i'm quit new here and this is my first post. I present myself, i'm a french student and i'm working on a projet for my engineering school.

I searched for a solution, but i couldn't find any.

I have connected an Arduino to an HM-10 Bluetooth Low Energy Module.
For now, HM-10 streams data from RX/TX via Bluetooth to an app in my phone.

The problem is that, once it's connected, i can't upload my program on the arduino because TX/RX ports are busy (connected to RX/TX of the HM-10).

I'm looking for a solution to stream data (value from the C program) to my phone through BLE without using TX/RX ports.


Thanks a lot for your help !

You have not said what Arduino board you are using. If it is an Uno with only one HardwareSerial port you should be able to use SoftwareSerial to create a second serial port on different pins thus leaving pins 0 and 1 free for uploading programs. Just be aware that SoftwareSerial is not as fast as HardwareSerial. Start with 9600 baud and then try higher rates if you want to.

Or just disconnect the HM10 when you want to upload a program.


Thanks a lot,

i'm actually trying to use it with Arduino Nano or Arduino Mini.

I will try to use SoftwareSerial to convert Digital Pin in Serial port.

It's simple.

Just disconnect the Tx and Rx pins from the Bluetooth module when you want to download code.