Bluetooth LE with RSSI Functionality

Hello fellow Arduino users!

I am stuck. I have been trying to find a breakout board designed for the Arduino that includes a bluetooth module with RSSI functionality.

I have been doing much searching (Arduino forums, lots of Google) and I cannot seem to find a chip that includes a library with RSSI functionality.

Does anyone know of a board like this? Or a library associated with an existing board that utilizes RSSI?

Thanks for the help!

Unless I'm missing something, I've been looking at the: Adafruit Bluefruit, Sparkfun BlueSMiRF and Bluetooth Mate, and the Sparkfun BLE Mate 2.

As odd as it is to answer my own question, BUT by doing a lot of looking on the Bluetooth website I learned that Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Smart utilizes separate modules for a "central" mode and a "peripheral" mode. Many of the modules available for the Arduino are exclusively for "peripheral" mode and require a "central" mode module (like a smartphone for example) to get the RSSI data.

But I also found through Sparkfun the BC127 breakout that can be used as a dual mode module and connect to the Arduino. So problem solved!