Bluetooth MIDI controller powered by battery.

I am going to design and create MIDI slider/knob controller with Arduino UNO.
I’ve already solved all MIDI issues, and my controller works fine.

But now I want my controller to work through bluetooth. And also to be powered by battery/acumulator which could be charge by USB. The best if I could use Arduino UNO builtin USB socket. And even better if I optionally could use the same USB connection for controlling MIDI in situations when there are any problems with bluetooth.

I have no idea how to start. I am totally new in electronic world.

  1. I don’t know what battery is the best for such purposes. I imagine 9V battery would be the best, but not sure.
  2. Do I need any special components that allows me to use battery as Arduino power source, and also that allows me to charge that battery through Arduino USB port.
  3. I also have no idea what bluetooth module would be the best for me.

If anyone could give me any advices I would be very appretiate.

For any help great thanks in advance.

Best Regards

I wouldn't recommend an Arduino UNO for this purpose. I use a SparkFun ESP32 Thing. It has Bluetooth (and WiFi) built-in, and has a LiPo charger on-board as well.

The Control Surface library I maintain supports MIDI over BLE on the ESP32. Most examples use a MIDI over USB interface, you can just replace that with BluetoothMIDI_Interface midi;

There are other boards with built-in Bluetooth as well (e.g. nRF53-based), but I haven't tried them, and they are not supported by the library. I wouldn't recommend using an external Bluetooth module, it's more work to get it working, less support, and just adds unnecessary components. ESP32 chips are really cheap anyway.