Bluetooth MIDI wind instrument

Right, my first exhibit!

It's an idea for an electronic wind instrument that I have been working on. It uses a SoftPot (sliding pitch control) and an MPX5010DP differential pressure sensor (breath control).

I call it the taquito and it lives here.

Recently I got an LM400 Bluetooth module that I've been keen to try out, so I decided to connect it to the taquito. The strip board has a connection for a ttl-to-usb cable. I used this to plug into a breadboard with the bluetooth module and a voltage regulator on it.

Some photos are here (flickr).

To explain why there's an arduino in some photos and an onboard AtMega8 in others, this is why: I built the project on stripboard as an arduino shield, this is what you can see being played in the silly little video I did. Then I modified it by adding the processor, caps etc. and a connector for the FT232RL cable. Therefore, with the bluetooth addition and a battery, the device is completely standalone.

If there's interest/curiosity I'll transfer the schematic from fag packet to eagle and put it up on the site - it's pretty simple though as you can probably tell from the photos.