Bluetooth minutes value does not work

Hello, I would like to send via terminal to the bluetooth module how many minutes should be relay on pin nr. 8 switch on.

I connect with my phone and application Arduino BlueControl to the terminal where I want to write how many minutes relay should be working but the program does not work.

There you can see in code "btcas = btminuty*60000" it means Arduino gets value in minutes and these minutes are count on ms that are used for delay. This does not work. Relay is working but not so long how it should be...

Do you not know why please?

Thank you

int btminuty = 0; int btcas;

const int rele = 8;

void setup() { Serial.begin(38400);

pinMode(rele, OUTPUT);

digitalWrite(rele, HIGH);


void loop() { // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:

if(Serial.available() > 0){ // Checks whether data is comming from the serial port btminuty =; // Reads the data from the serial port

btcas = btminuty*60000; digitalWrite(rele, LOW); Serial.write("Ventilator zapnut"); delay(btminuty); Serial.write("Ventilator vypnut"); digitalWrite(rele, HIGH); } }

    btminuty =; // Reads the data from the serial port

What are you expecting byminuty to contain after this call? What does it actually contain?

btcas = btminuty*60000;

Do you REALLY expect that multiplying any number other than 0 by 60000 will result in a value that will fit in an int?