bluetooth module at 56k baud

i am new to arduino. i currently own a Teensy that i have not allocated to a project.

i would like to build this EEG brainwave project which calls for setting an HC-06 bluetooth module to 56k baud.

while i am great with a soldering iron i cringe at code and am struggling to understand the link below. can anyone recommend an off the shelf alternative, or friendly newbie style advice for the bluetooth portion of this project


PS: i would prefer a permanent solution that will not require setting the baud rate in the future, if possible

eg if there was a bluetooth product pre-set to 56k

Link to the exact module you have as it should be possible to alter the default 9600 baud to the value you require and it's retained over power off.

The EGBT-046S automatically sets itself up in
Command Mode when it is not remotely connected
(paired) to any other Bluetooth device. You can
change the Passkey, Device Name, and Baud Rate
while the EGBT-046S is in Command Mode by
entering a small subset of AT style commands. Any
changes made will be retained even after power is
removed from the EGBT-046S, hence device con-
ļ¬guration setup must not be repeated unless new
changes need to be made.

Are you asking if you can set it to 56000 baud rather than 57600 baud?

Have you a link to the datasheet for the module you have?


You had better get serious about how serious is the need for a rate of 56000. The HC-06 is set by selecting a parameter, not setting a number. Unsurprisingly, there is no parameter for 56000. Equally unsurpringly, there is one for 57600.

The HC-06 can be painlessly set to 57600 and, once it is set, it retains that setting until it is set to something else. No problem there but, if this EEG device really wants to run at 56000, relying on an HC-06 is probably unwise and selecting an EEG that is more sensibly designed is probably very wise.