BlueTooth Module HC-05, Master to Slave communication Issue.

Hello Everyone. Hope you are all doing well. Im working on communication using the Bluetooth module HC-05 and I setup one of them as slave and other as master. I can get the slave to Write to the master, but cant get the master to properly write to slave.
Right now, what im trying to do is set up three buttons and three leds that corresponds to them. If a specific message is received by master through a button pushed on the slave side, the master should turn the corresponding Led on. Same for slave. What happens though is that if you push the buttons on slave side, it works fine but If you push the button of the master side, the Slave somehow detects that one of its own buttons is pushed and starts sending signals back to master, which turns an Led in the master side on.

Im Using Aruino Mega 2560 for Master and Arduino Uno for Slave.

The first images shows the serial.write for when I push a button on the slave side and it shows the same serial.write for the slave side. The only way for slave to write that message is when one of its buttons is pushed.

you can see it if you look at the button section of the slave:


I see what the problem is. As soon as I can find my camera, and take a picture of what I typed up, I'll post the picture.

Don't hold your breath. I do NOT post pictures of text.

You shouldn't either.