Bluetooth Module HC-05!!!

I'm trying to get data from an accelerometer(MPU6050) using the HC-05 bluetooth model. However, when I'm trying to start the AT command mode in serial port in an empty arduino file, there's constant empty data fleeting and I can't communicate with the bluetooth model.

I got to communicate with it yesterday and didn't do anything, I thought I broke my board but I tested with new boards and it was the same result, or did I forget to reset?

There's also a STATE pin and a EN pin and different documentations and users use them differently, some hooked them up and some didn't, and some hooked them up in a specific order...... So that makes me more confused beause I don't understand the logic behind that.


After solving this, I also wanna know how to correctly hook up the accelerometer and the bluetooth, should RX go to RX and TX to TX? or the reverse? Or besides the TX/RX pin is there anything else I need to connect?

Thanks in advance for anyone who wants to help!


Rx > Tx and Tx > Rx, and no.

The rest of your post is incoherent. Do you want to configure the HC-05 or do you want to send data? There is no need to configure before you send data, it will work out-of-the-box, and I suggest you do that.

You might find the following background notes useful

I believe you are using HC-05 on a ZS-040 board. The best advice on configuration is here