Bluetooth module HC-06 seems dead

Bluetooth module HC-06 seems dead, I dont know how to see if its working or not because the Led does not flash. At first I had some time to connect to do the phone and then it automatically disconnected and stoped blinking. Needing some real help because of this project! Thank you

the Led does not flash.

You have two possibilities:

  1. It looks dead because it is dead
  2. It looks dead but it isn't. A ground or power wire is disconnected

What ground or power? There goes an image

This might be a surprise for you but, if you want a LED to flash, you need to connect it to some source of electricity. I expect you have already done that before, but maybe not have recognised the significance of what you did. Ensure that the VCC pin on HC-06 is connected to 5v and GND is connected to ground. This particularly applies if you are using a cheapo breadboard. If you are powering HC-06 from Arduino, now might be a good time to check the LED on that is working. If it isn't, don't expect too much from the HC-06.