Bluetooth Module not relaying commands to Arduino

I've been trying to control a 2WD robot/car kit with my Android Phone via Bluetooth using an HC-05 Bluetooth module. Everything works up until I've paired my phone. I can send commands to the BT module but the motors I'm trying to control wont move.

I've opened my Serial Monitor and this is what happens, the Serial Monitor doesn't print in real time the commands I'm pressing on my phone. When I disconnect my phone from the bluetooth, it prints them all in one line like this.

I cannot for the life of me figure out what's wrong. Could it be that I should try other phones? Or just that the board cant keep up with the communication of the bluetooth?

If you had read the "how to use the forum-please read" stickies you would know that in order to help you we need to see the code that is causing the problem and a schematic of the wiring of your project. What app is sending the BT data?