Bluetooth module not working, Not pairing and not sending/reciving AT commands

Hello, I recently bought a JY-MCU V1.06 bluetooth module, I was following some tutorials but it does not work, when I send AT commands I do not receive anything, when I try to connect to the module it does not appear in the list of devices, and the module led bluetooth is flashing, so it's ready to connect
my code is the next:

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
SoftwareSerial Bluetooth(7,8);
void setup() {
void loop() {
  while (Serial.available()) {
  while (Bluetooth.available()) {

And my circuit is this:

I presume Rx/Tx on the Arduino in your diagram are actually pins 7 & 8?

Is there a common ground connection?

Presume the voltage divider to compensate for different logic levels - however you are powering at 5v... is it 5v tolerant?

Yes, it is 7 and 8 and the module has a 3.3V regulator integrated, i'm using only arduino's ground and 5V

Just that I read this article re the VCC voltage...

From here...

still not reciving nothing

Now I followed the circuit to the letter of the page you gave me, I put the same code and nothing, even change the plate just in case

Reply #4 is nonsense. OP clearly states that Bluetooth is on a JY-MCU board, and therefore requires 3.6 to 6v as clearly stated on the back thereof. 3.3v is a no-no.

This is nebulous, and may imply that Bluetooth has not been paired, i.e. an Android problem. Have you paired Bluetooth in the Bluetooth settings? Please don't tell us you have an iPhone.

Luckily or unfortunately I don't have an iPhone, what do you mean by "you paired Bluetooth in the Bluetooth settings?"

In the Android settings menu there is a "Connected Devices" link which lets you pair a Bluetooth device.

Do you have Bluetooth enabled on the phone?

I do not have devices connected and I have bluetooth activated

When you tap on "pair new device" does anything show up?

nothing at all

If the HC06 is powered by 5v and is sitting there blinking away with a fast blink and it is not seen by the phone, then either the phone or the module is defective.

It is probably the module, because I use bluetooth headphones all day, I am going to put you as a solution even if it has not really been solved

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