Bluetooth module project...

I’m going to setup my first Arduino Bluetooth project, as general as possible: Arduino <—> Bluetooth module <—> Bluetooth dongle <—> Notebook.

I’ve got a bluetooth module from eBay:

I’ve some questions on the information provided with this module, if possible please help to understand it.

Supplied info:

Wireless Bluetooth Transceiver Module RS232 / TTL
does that mean that it works on TTL right? but well, the device input is 3.3v, as long as I know this is the signal level for TTLv, so may be the information is wrong?

Modify master and slave mode at any time, master and slave mode is the same as the hardware to support the AT command set to support the baud rate 2400 to 1382400.
How to send these AT command from Notebook to the module? The pairing is more clear to me, but well, after pairing, how to send commands to the specific bluetooth on Windows XP?

The default setting for serial port ?9600, N, 8,1?, password: 1234.
I suppose that the 9600 is for both Arduino and the Notebook which will pair with the bluetooth module, but password is only for the pairing, correct?

Most important question:
I suppose that, for testing the device I have to simply:

  1. connect Arduino TX/RX to the module’s RX/TX, then
  2. pair the module with, say, Notebook
  3. somehow send a command to Arduino like “cm1” and the serial program probing “” will blin an LED
    is this procedure correct please? What else should I know please?