bluetooth module

has anyone worked with this module... i

this is the picture of the module

new bluetooth.jpg

Unless it states somewhere, that it's already loaded with a Firmware that offers a Serial port with AT-commands, like the other offerings, chances is, you will only get a raw module, where you need to program a special firmware into the module (requires a special dongle, and software package that costs a fortune) ...

A module like that is for a vendor that is able to write his own firmware image for the chipset.

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It appears that the chip on the module is a ROM-based unit, meaning that the firmware inside, cannot be changed by a reflash. The BC31314-part is a PCM only device - meaning it's meant for streaming of PCM audio (Bluetooth Headset/Handsfree)
If you pair up this module with a I2S Codec-chip, you can make a Headset - but you still need access to the documentation from CSR and the developer of the small PCB to make anything of it.


// Per.

thank you for sharing your experties with us ! :smiley: