Bluetooth modules - sleep mode

Hi, I am a big friend of the cheap ebay BT modules, using them with all my dev boards incl arduinos. There is a lot of firmwares around with these modules, mine are with Master/Slave option, speed up to 1.3Mbit/sec, etc. There is another option implemented - the sleep mode.
When the module is going to pair, it takes 40mA, when paired and operational it takes 20mA, and after 6 seconds of inactivity it goes to sleep with ~2.5mA current.
The dark side of the sleep is the waking up from the serial side needs some time and it looses characters. If somebody got these BTs with such an option I would be happy to know whether the sleep mode could be configured somehow or not.

In order to put the module to deep sleep mode.Please note that any activity on RX or CTS line wakes up the module from deep sleep mode.
Therefore ensure high level on both these lines when in deep sleep.

Hey its offtopic sorry, but you seem to have some skill with bluetooth modules.

Could you give me some startup advice on good and cheap bluetooth modules and how you used them with your arduino?
What i need:
-save analog pins (not sure if they even need them)
-Maby something that gets me to the knowledge: arduino<-bluetooth->androidphone.

Maby some good sites or projects you have in mind.

I want to build a car-computer:
-Connection to android smartphon over bluetooth.
-ultrasonic-sensors as parkdistance control
-maby later car data like sensors (speed from gearbox sensor, oiltemp etc)
-Maby later Data and visual of gyro/accelerometer…

I've bought a bunch of these modules:
Mind there are tons of identical modules with different firmwares available.
The modules are connected to arduino via rx, tx, 3v3 and gnd pins - that's it. You may set them to different baudrates, names, passwords, as well as you can set ~50 various other parameters. They create a serial link, so your PC gets new COMs. You may connect several BT modules to your pc (or tablet) concurently (even with different baudrates, etc.). They shall work as a master/slave as well (not tested yet), so you may connect 2 or more arduinos together. The reach is about 10m. Power consumption see above.