Bluetooth on PCB

Hi everyone,

I want to incorporate the BLE Mate 2 into my PCB design but only wanted to include the needed components found in the Sparkfun design. Does anyone know what components are necessary if I will be using 3V3 UART logic and a 3V3 supply? Parts like the LEDs and pinouts are not needed as I will only be using the BC118 for BLE.

The product: SparkFun BLE Mate 2 - WRL-13019 - SparkFun Electronics

The schematic:



The only part you need is the BC118

oh, and the decoupling capacitors, 2.2uF and 10nF on the 3.3v rail.

The stuff at top right in their circuit diagram is just level shifting in case it's used on 5v


Thanks TonyWilk,

Some questions:

Do I not need the pull up and series resistors on the TX and RX lines(R1 and R3)? Why did Sparkfun include them?

Instead of the two caps mentioned, can I just use one 1.0 uF decoupling capacitor?

Thanks for your help.

Those resistors are part of the 5V to 3.3V level shifting. If you are using a 3.3V Arduino then you don't need them.

It's best to follow the reccomendations and use two caps of different values. Also look at the layout - the caps may be at different corners of the device, because it needs decoupling at more than one power pin.