Bluetooth options

I'm new to Arduino, but I'm starting a project where I need an accelerometer to control
a mobile phone app.
So I need Bluetooth. I plan to make a lot of these devices and the RN-42 Bluetooth is too expensive.
I have seen a video showing how a HC-05 can be modified by uploading the RN-42 software to it (so that it is capable of being used as a HID) but this looks complicated.
Are there any better options.... can the ESP32 be used?

Many thanks

You might be a bit more forthcoming about what this is really all about. I would expect an accelerometer to produce nothing more than numeric data and would thus expect an HC-05 would suffice, without modifications. So, do you know why it doesn't suffice?

the Microchip RN42 is not recommended for new designs
both the RN4678 Bluetooth Dual Mode Module and the BM71 BLE module work OK
recently used the RN4678 to support Bluetooth classic and the BM71 to support BLE to Android systems