bluetooth or xbee posistioning/Trilateration

im working on my examsproject and would like to know the position of three users in a room .. my first idea was to give them each a gps module , but it turned out that gps is not messuring close enough.. my next idea was that i could use three different wiimotes and then use three arduino+bluesmirf modules to track on their individuela signal level ... and then calculate their posistion based on trilateration..

but before i order 3 sets of bluesmirfs .. i would like to know if their is anybody at this forum that have done something similar ? is it possible to read the signal level from the the three different wiimotes ? ill probably buy them anyway as i am in a hurry to get startet but ,,, i would still like to be pointed in the right direction

Dont you mean Triangulation? :wink:

If it works or not all depends on how accurate their signal strength reporting is.
Also I’d go with 5 stations instead of 3. The more you have the greater the accuracy.

Oh and before you buy, BlueSMiRF wont do what you want. :slight_smile:
AFAIK they are just serial modules. Data goes in, data comes out.
No signal strength indicator nor the ability to scan for bluetooth devices.

i dont know if triangulation or trilateration ( ), is the best way to determine position within an area, but is it not important that i get the distance from the fixed antennas to the tag which position that i want to calculate ?

Hmm Trilateration seems to be technically the correct word to use. :slight_smile:
They are basically the same thing though. Same idea.