Bluetooth packet receiving

Just want to ask the feasibility of something I need to do.

I have a device which will output packets at a sampling rate between 1Hz and 256Hz (I’ll decide and select a rate when known). What I need to do is receive these packets wirelessly (Bluetooth), perhaps process them (or just forward them as they are), and send them to an analogue input of another device.

I hope to do this with an Arduino Uno and a Bluetooth shield. I want to be able to use a laptop to connect and receive the Bluetooth packets from my device via the Arduino/Bluetooth shield (this can use the USB cable, I only need BT between the device and the Arduino), and then output them via the analogue outputs on the Arduino so that I can plug them into the analogue input for this other device (also using wires).

Is this possible? Can I collect the packets using the Arduino and forward them on as I plan? How difficult would this be? The device will never be more than 10m away, usually about 5m away I guess.

Any one with experience with an Arduino and a BT shield or has a previous project they’ve done or seen online and wants to forward it to me that’d be great!

and then output them via the analogue outputs on the Arduino

The Arduino has no analog outputs, it just has PWM outputs that output something similar in many cases. PWM does put the line HIGH for some time and then LOW for some time in quite a fast repetition. The ratio between the HIGH/LOW times defines the equivalent to an analog value. You can add some RC circuit to get a flattened signal but it's not a real analog value. To get that you have to add a DAC (digital analog converter).

I have a project where I use bluetooth but there it's just used as a kind of remote serial interface. You probably would use it the same way, but you haven't described in enough detail what you wanna achieve.