Bluetooth pairs ok, links ok, but no data

I purchased a DF Robotshop RB-Dfr-10 bluetooth module along with one of their robot (Rover) kits, and I'm having difficulty getting the bluetooth communication working.

Short Story: Once I'm paired and linked do I use the Arduino IDE to communicate with the rover via bluetooth, or some other serial data comm program?

I've been able to pair the bluetooth module to my macbook, and it shows up as Bluetooth_V3-DevB

The Link LED lights, but I get no serial data from the Rover, and it doesn't respond to my commands.

The bluetooth switches are set the way the were when it was shipped: LED Mode ON AT Mode OFF

Longer Story: Here are the steps I've followed, but I can't get any serial comm working: 0. Keep rover powered at all times using the battery pack 1. Disconnect Bluetooth 2. Upload sketch via USB until "done" 3. Test the Rover using the USB connection. Looks good. 4. Disconnect USB cable 5. Connect the bluetooth module 6. select the COM port associated with the Bluetooth in the Arduino IDE. In my case it's Bluetooth_V3-DevB 7. Open the serial monitor and set the speed to 115200, "No Line Ending". 8. The "link" LED is now lit steady green, so I'm connected. 9. At this point I'd expect to see some of the debug text ("initialized") from the sketch, but I don't get anything. 10. Start issuing 'w' and 's' commands to try to get the motors to turn, and no response.

If I then remove bluetooth and reconnect USB the Rover works fine, which tells me that the program is still on the Rover and working fine. Also, I can hit the reset button, or turn off the power and when I reconnect to USB, the program is still there and working.

I also tried to upload my sketch. When I do, the Link LED Goes on, and off a couple times and I get the following error in the IDE:

avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding

Any ideas?