Bluetooth Profiles??

I am using WT32 bluegiga module with Arduino Mega.

As I was playing around with bluetooth profiles, it seemed like when I have HFP and AVCRP profiles turned on, that my iPhone 4 seems to prefer to connect to only HFP. But when I turn HFP off and have AVCRP on, and make an explicit AVCRP call, my iPhone is then able to recognize play/pause etc. commands.

Is it possible for my iPhone 4 to take different bluetooth profiles at the same time without switching connections??? Can phones in general take multiple profiles???

The iPhone is a bad example as it's not a standard phone in a bluetooth aspect. It has just a very limited set of profiles. Usually a lot more profiles are supported, examples being the serial (SPP), the network access (LAP) or the OBEX for accessing storage objects. And yes, most phones can handle multiple profiles, often even concurrently.