Bluetooth Programming with Arduino Duemillanove

Hi. I would like to know if it's possible to connect the Bluetooth OEM module i have to the Arduino Duemillanove so i then can program it? On my Bluetooth module i have every line like on a RS232 port: TX, RX, CTS, RTS and so on... But can i use it to program the Arduino Duemillanove, so i can make it wireless programmable?

Best Regards Thomas Jespersen

I would also like to see the answer to this question. I have a feeling interfacing an OEM BT module to the Duemillanove will be very similar to interfacing with a Nano.

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The problem is not the voltage, as my module use 5V and doesn't need a level shifter. Also, that thread wasn't about PROGRAMMING the Arduino using Bluetooth. I want to make my Duemillanove as a Arduino BT, you know...

Oh, excuse me. I assumed since you posted in the Hardware Interfacing forum that your question at least partially had to do with hardware. I would suggest posting in the software forum if you want to know about programming.

Also, my problem isn't just about voltage, it's about what to connect also.

It has something to do with the hardware, as i don’t know if i can just connect the TX and RX lines on the Bluetooth module to PIN0 and PIN1, then select my computers bluetooth module serial port in Arduino GUI and then program as I do normally!

But are you also trying to program your Arduino Nano using bluetooth?

No, in this aspect you are correct that our topics are different. Best of luck to you.

Bluetooth programming of the Arduino Duemillanove is possible. It's confirmed (Mythbusters :P)

Here is a schematic how you need to connect a bluetooth module to use it for programming (im using a Firmtech BT Module) Remember, you need to be configur the BT module as 19200 bps if you are using the ATMEGA168. If you are using the ATMEGA328, then it needs to be 57600 bps.

I hope this is usefull for others who want to do the programming over Bluetooth, but doesn't have the Arduino BT :)

Has the diagram shown all components of the bluetooth connection?

Does US$1 means the cost of the IC? Where to buy? :-*

When I use PC to search for the Bluetooth, do I see the name of the bluetooth module.

Yes every connection are on the schematic. But U$1 doesn't mean the prize. It means Unit 1. The module is bought from DataSphereWireless, it's a FB755AC, and the prize is: 31? (excl. Shipping and VAT)

And yes, i can find it with the computer, connect to it so a BT Com-Port connection will be made (SPP)