Bluetooth protocol for Sony Alpha camera


I am trying to trigger photo capturing on a Sony Alpha DSLR camera via Bluetooth from an Arduino Bluno (V1.5). There exists a Bluetooth remote from Sony ( ), as well as various Chinese clones.

But I am stuck at the protocol used by the Alpha camera. Has anyone a hint what commands are used by the camera for capturing?


You will probably need to buy a Sony remote and analyse the signals it sends - in which case you might as well use it. You will also need to ensure that the camera Bluetooth is compatible with Bluno, which is BLE. If the storebought does not actually suit your needs, I imagine you would be better off buying it and using it more or less virgo intacto except for the switches, which you hack for Arduino. That way, there is no need to analyse anything, and there are no compatibility problems.

Try to find out whether your camera uses Bluetooth Classic and/or BLE.

Did you try connecting to your camera with a generic BLE app?

I use mostly BLE Scanner from bluepixel on iOS. But there are many others on iOS and Android. See if you can connect and read the services and characteristics.