Bluetooth Proximity Arduino


I'm very new to Arduino and electronics in general. So please excuse me for not understanding replies immediately.

I am trying to build a Bluetooth proximity device, which effectively can be synced / disconnected to other Bluetooth products. The circuit will consist of the following: a master Bluetooth module that will be synced to numerous products. When the signal is lost to any one of the synced products, then the master Bluetooth module will set of an audio alarm, LED and vibrating motor.

I'm looking for advice on setting up and programming a BlueSmirf module (bought from on an Arduino circuit and possibly trying the syncing on a phone and testing out the concept of moving the phone far enough to cease transmitting a signal and hopefully setting off the alarms on the Arduino.

Currently, I am very unsure as to what to do or how to start out programming the BlueSmirf module.

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated,

Kindest Regards Raymond :)

I have a bluesmirf(silver) and I’ve used it as a serial link between the Arduino and a little USB dongle on my laptop. Setting it up was a bit tricky at the laptop end but it was pretty reliable when it was done.

The thing is though, I don’t know that there’s much of a control interface between the arduino and the bluetooth module - it’s basically a serial port. I’m not sure how you would get it to link with(say) a phone or to do the monitoring.

There are, I think, specific bluetooth monitoring thingies - you might want to look into them.

Hi Bill,

Thanks for reply, I’d literally just need to sync it with a phone, so make it become discoverable by a phone as the first steps I think.

“There are, I think, specific bluetooth monitoring thingies - you might want to look into them.” - are these chips or software?

Many Thanks

Here’s a widget

As far as the bluesmirf goes, if you’ve got it already, have a go with the phone - what have you got to lose. I had to read the datasheet (again, and again, and again…) to get what I wanted done so you might want to start there.