Bluetooth, PS3 and Wiimote Libraries

I have just written sketches to interface Wiimote and PS3 controllers on the Arduino via bluetooth. The CSR bluetooth USB dongle is supported on the Circuits@Home USB Host Shield.

Having met my own initial objectives, I am now considering spending some time over Xmas to make the code more available in library form for others. I am new to Arduino, so have some questions related to best practice/options on these libraries.

The Wiimote and PS3 does take up a fair of memory resource ( about 60% FLASH and RAM on 168). this means a fully layered approach is not really possible ( MAX 3421E, USB, Bluetooth HCI, Bluetooth L2CAP, wiimote/PS3). So which is of more interest to the community, a complete Wiimote and PS3 library, or a basic HCI and L2CAP where programmers roll there own ? btw, I didn't try to do RFCOMM/SPP yet, and suggest existing packaged solutions are probably best for this.

Most of my previous implementations have used an RTOS to schedule the different protocol layers. For the Arduino, I need to regularly call the differnet protocol receive routines, and this means (fairly!) non blocking code in the main loop:. I have no problem with this, but do others ? I could make an interrupt routine to call these layers, but does this cause another aspect of complexity for users ?

Sorry if these questions have been asked before, but I am new here and any pointers are valuable to make the limited time I have most productive.

That sounds pretty hard core. I'd like to just see the code for this, never mind if it's a "good" library

Thx earlz, Yes is does appear to be a bit "hard core" for this forum. Do you know of another forum where it might be better understood and I might get more help ? Maybe the USB host shield puts people off, though the code could have easily be adapted to Teensy++ or similar.

Although this forum does seem more focussed on debug rather than development topics, I would like to see how to bridge the gap to make these more complex devices accessible and understandable to a greater community.

Send me a message and you can have the sketches. I am also making more complete docs. on support of bluetooth, Wiimote and PS3 on Arduino, and will let you know if I find a better Arduino development site to share them.

Hi, new to the site. I have been looking all over for some code that does what you're describing. Do you think you could send me the code? I'll PM you my email address. Good luck with the library! This would be very useful indeed!