bluetooth query.

Hi. I am new to the forum and in arduino themes. I am starting in arduino. I have a mini3018 engraving machine, which is handled with a plate with arduino nano. the board has bluetooth inputs, but I can't make it work. I have HC-06 module, what steps do I have to follow to make it work? because it matches the phone and some app but does nothing. I managed to upload some skech for tutorials that I saw on the web, but the AT commands do not respond on the serial monitor. someone who can guide me from scratch? thanks. And if I forgot any information on the subject let me know, I am new to this.

Hi Nes221277,

It seems like you picked the wrong area for your question because you want to describe a BLE module and not the integrated one of the boards used here in that area.
So you won't find any experts for your question here and you can only guess.

It could be a format error from String/ Char, but I can only guess because I never worked with it.

Maybe you should move your question to the right area. Unfortunately I am quite new myself and don't know who to address. Nevertheless still much success!

gracias x la respuesta. si, la verdad q no se en que lugar del foro preguntar. logré hacer q funcionen los motores, pero x una aplicacion sola. ....voy a seguir probando