Bluetooth receiver that outputs audio to a TRRS headphone plug?

I want to be able to record audio wirelessly via bluetooth.

My ideal situation would be to have a microphone on a person, and have the audio signal be transmitted to and recorded onto a camera or a smartphone. One of the big problems now is that Android only supports recording bluetooth audio in 8kHz, which is a far cry from 44.1kHz and sounds awful. It's been this way for years.


Analog Microphone -> TRS male plug on mic -> TRS female port on Bluetooth transmitter -> pre-amp -> A/D converter -> bluetooth compression via A2DP or aptX -> transmission

Bluetooth receiver picks up incoming signal -> runs signal through a D/A convert -> amp -> output to TRRS plug -> inputs into smartphone headphone jack

And then the smartphone does its thing, running the audio through another A/D converter and so on.

It's certainly not ideal to be converting the signal back and forth between A and D, but anything is better than 8kHz.

Has anyone done anything like this?