Bluetooth Servo & Light

Hi folks I hope this ia the best place to ask this i am totally new to this but this is my idea?

Can I control a servo via bluetooth (voice would be great) and an led

The idea being I am making a cosplay gauntlet with Rockets
I would like to be able to make them move in and out on a voice command (simply "load" or other command word move in unload move out ). while they move a led stays on for a set period of time?

Is this doable or have i lost it ?

Using a Nano or similar small unit and lipo battery ?

My (limited) experience with low end voice recognition is that is more hassle than it is worth.
Put a button on and press it while saying your keyword. A remote might be doable.
Servo movement, LED lighting, Nano and lipo all are entirely doable.

Voice recognition on a uC, especially an Arduino, sounds like a pointless attempt. The thing can barely handle audio at all, so trying to process it would be daring at best. You could theoretically write a Neural Network to figure out the code you need to put on the Arduino, but that sounds like

  • a lot of work
  • it wouldn’t actually ever function
  • more of a hassle than it’s worth, since if you can do that, you could just use the Pi
    So using the Arduino alone - no.

If you just want to build the gauntlet, voice recognition will probably not be worth it (if it is at all). Just use a hidden button.

If you absolutely want to complicate things and use Bluetooth, you can either use an ESP8266-based BT-module hooked to the Arduino or just buy an ESP8266/32 or similar which comes with BT onboard. Both ways, with the correct library, you will be able to communicate quite easily (our electronics class worked with this, only took most of them 5 years to figure it out :grinning:).

If you really don’t know what you want to do with your time or you are going for a full costume with multiple voice-controlled features, just install a RasPi in the helmet/chestpiece/whatever. Let it do the voice recognition (you will probably still need a button if you don’t wanna call your suit ‘OK, Google’) and send commands via UART/BT.

Hope that helped. Happy Making!


Hi Daniel,

Many thanks for taking the time to reply I got the idea from here on YouTube

Currently having a rethink buttons are the easyer solution but not always film accurate

Good to put things in the mix never used Aldrino let alone a Raspberry Pi will go see what they do then. Cheers


Hi chris,

The video shows pretty much what I was going for with the RasPi. If you have access to an Android-Device and are wiling to live with the slight uncertainties that's gonna cause (just another system that can potentially fail), that's a good option since the MIT AI has all the Google-stuff sorted out so you can just use it NP. Use MIT App Inventor and build a simple app that uses a text-to-speech and Bluetooth block. Communication is comparable to Serial. You'll still need to find a way to activate the tts-module, tho.

On another note, if you want to use it as a movie prop, why not have someone off-camera controlling the suit?

Happy Making!