Bluetooth shield + Arduino + Android

I have recently purchased a Bluetooth shield ( and am Wondering how would I go about writing an android app which can connect to the bluetooth shield, send a character (such as 1 or 0 for example) then turn an LED on or off. I am familiar with Android programming and have had a little experience with Arduino programming, but not sure how I should combine the two. I have looked at apps and tool kits such as "Amarino" and "Arduino Commander" but to no avail. I have googled around for hours but can't really get anything to work (or can't understand perhaps).

For example, normally over USB Serial Port using a C# interface I wrote, I could send a "1" to the Arduino, and the sketch on that would read "1" and make the LED turn on (or off is 0 is sent), I want to do something like that except over Bluetooth using an Android app.

I have no existing code to paste at the moment as I'm not really sure where to begin. Like what sketch to upload so the BTShield becomes discoverable, how it reads from the "serial" and how to send it commands over an Android app.

Thanks! :slight_smile: