Bluetooth Shield & beginner questions

Hello! I’m new to Arduino, but I think (hoping!) that the Arduino part, for what I want to do is pretty straightforward.

I just want to collect the data from 3 Ultrasonic sensors into Pure Data… Via, Bluetooth and Arduino.

I’m using:
Arduino Uno
Bluetooth Shield 2.0 with RN-42
3 – MaxBotix LV-EZ0 – Ultrasonic sensors
Macbook Pro

After assembled, on the Mac I turn on the my Bluetooth and connect to the RN-42. I want to upload the SimpleAnalogFirmata, but I cannot upload via Bluetooth to the Arduino. Under TOOLS, SERIAL PORT, tty.RN-42 appears, but it sits at 5100 bytes (of 32256 byte maximum). I tried a few things, and then when uploading the error – Serial port ‘/dev/tty.RN-42’ already in use… appears. I tried rebooting the computer and trying it again to make sure the bluetooth is not connected to anything.

So I moved on to uploading via USB, and port tty.USBmodem. After uploading I quit the Arduino application and unplug the USB. Open Pure Data, and connect to correct Device port with ‘Aduino 1’ object from Pduino.

Now that it’s connected I see data coming in from A1, A2, and A3, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the sensors. They are very jumpy and not responding at all to any proximity.

I've used the same connections without the Bluetooth shield and had good results - fairly accurate proximity data. Connections I’m using are ground, 5v, and Analog pin, to a breadboard, then to the same pins on the Arduino.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


I forgot some important info!

Error shown in Pd when trying to connect to bluetooth:

error: [comport] ** ERROR ** could not set the params to ioctl of device /dev/tty.RN42-F462-SPP-1

IO control... but i'm not sure how to fix this...



I think the problem is between the RN-42 and the Arduino. I seem to be able to pick up the RN-42 to my phone and my computer. But that's it, no data or info from the Arduino. I found the schematics, but I still haven't been able to get it to work. I included a picture and the schematics. If anyone has any suggestions...