Bluetooth shield/interface


I have a nice project just about complete, but now I would like to add a bluetooth interface to my Uno to communicate to an android. Can anyone point me in the right direction to available hardware?

Stan K

Check out my AardRemote project for info about both the ITead Studio BT Shield and (the much cheaper) JY-MCU bluetooth module:

I'm currently liking the Teensy board with the bluetooth since it has a separate UART that can talk to the bluetooth module while still talking to USB independently. To do that on an UNO, you'd have to use a software serial connection.

Presumably the Leonardo has the same advantage as the Teensy. (My problem is learning android programming though, the arduino stuff seems dead simple).

Hi CLaghorn,

Thanks for the reply, I am not to well versed in much of the communications protocols, etc. so I am fishing for any advice I can get. I suppose that I could use to serial port that the usb uses once the the board is programmed. Actually I am making a new PCB to include other hardware so I could make the serial port multipurpose.

Although in response to you comment about working with androids, my son sent me this link for blue tooth development of blue tooth apps on the android, It's the android developers page for bluetooth. Maybe it could help. I am hoping to get my soon to give me a hand with the android aip.

Stan K