Bluetooth shield + Motorshield + Arduion Uno = possible??


I’m new to arduino (very seasoned programmer) and I’m looking to build a project that accepts instructions via bluetooth and causes a motor to operate based on the instructions.

Is it possible to build something that uses:
–Bluetooth shield
–Arduino board

Being new to arduino, and having not connected any shields to my board Is it possible to connect more than one shield to an arduino board? I just wanted to know if there are any considerations I should be made aware of when putting all of this together. Any how to documents ore anything else that could be of assistance?

Thanks in advance for your help! :slight_smile:

Search the forum, many have asked the same question before.

The same response was, looks at the pins the motor shield uses and the pins the Bluetooth shield uses. If they uses any of the same I/O pins, you may have a problem.

Awesome, thank you! That's good information...I'll also search the forums.