Bluetooth to transmit PPM (or PWM)

I am looking for a module that can get a PPM input and transmit it via Bluetooth.
I have a Skyzone SKY04X goggles and a Horus X10S RC radio, which can receive a Bluetooth signal. The SKY04X has head tracking built in by default. It works via cable, but I would like to do it wirelessly.

I know there are several projects about head tracking, but they all use Arduino modules that also provide the head tracking sensors. I have looked at hardware for Bluetooth only, but I am not able to design some electronic boards. Does anyone know a solution with Arduino or beyond Arduino?

I found the Arduino Nano 33 BLE.
This board has a Vin of 5-21V. I have 4.75V in the goggles. Does it work on the Vin?

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