bluetooth to xbee on one uno ? ? ?

hello all... this may be a strange question and may be simple to answer... just call me a new be. May question is can you have a bluetooth modual talking to your phone and an xbee then talking to somthing else..

I am thinking of talking to the bluetooth modual to turn someting of... intern the bluetooth modual send a code to the xbee wich then talks to another xbee and turn the thing of, and then send a return code yes i am off.

can it be done as should be able but the serial comms may be a problem.. any suguestions ? :grin:

I can't see any problem doing what you describe. Use the latest software serial implementation that allows the use of digital pins for serial communication. I've never done what you describe, but I do have two serial devices hooked to an Arduino and keep the hardware serial available for debugging.