Bluetooth + Uno serial communication Help.

I just bought the Arduino Uno and the DFRobot Bluetooth V3. I can not get the serial port to communicate between the module and my computer.

The Arduino is set to run at 115200 baud, as well as the serial port on my computer, but there is no communication between the two. I am wondering if it is a problem between my computer and the BT module, or between the BT module and the Uno.

One of the things that I know is that the link is established between the module and my computer (as indicated by the LINK light on the module).

I have seriously tried a lot of things, but any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have tried running the TX on the BT module to the TX on the Uno, and I've also tried reversing the TX/RX connections.

Thanks in advance.

(if you need to know more information, please ask)

EDIT: It seems that I can communicate with the Uno via serial through the USB connection. But I can not use pins 0 and 1 to communicate via serial with the Uno.

EDIT: I have a feeling that I want to blame the Arduino. When I connect the TX on the BT module to the RX on the BT module and view the serial port on my computer, the sent data returns just fine. Somewhere between sending the data from the module and sending data back to the module, there's a problem. Do I need to do something to enable serial on pins 1 and 0?

Finally, some questions in a blue tooth topic that I can answer.

Do I need to do something to enable serial on pins 1 and 0?


Sorry that that won’t help you, though. If anyone has ever gotten blue tooth and Arduino to work together, they have not been very visible on the forum afterward.

Is there anyone in the world that can help me?

A few things to update: the BT module is ok talking to itself. it can send from its TX to its RX with no errors. The message goes through just fine. The Arduino can talk to itself too. bits sent out the TX are received just fine in the RX. The problem is that when anything is connected between the two, it doesn't work at all. It doesn't seem like any bits are sent between the two. Their serial connections work just fine on their own, but they don't work well together.