Bluetooth watch sms notificatins

Hy I want to build a smart watch which should show mobilephone notication like sms, call alerts, whats app messages, alarm etc. Can any body help me how i get these notications on arduino watch and suggest something helpful to me. Thanks

Since you are asking the question, the best thing you can do is take a (afirly) long walk and consider the practicalities of what you are doing, and what the end result might be, the vital question being: would you show it to your mother?

From a programming point of view, most of the problem is at the other end, i.e. how is the information sent to Arduino. Something best found in another forum, particularly as you don’t bother to mention the sender.

As for building the actual Arduino smart watch, you might spare a thought for the billions of dollars invested by the manufacturers of such things in research by a squad of PhDs, development by highly qualified engineers, and investment in factories in China. How might you go against that? There are probably a few things you can think of that are more appropriate to your Arduino, and your skills with it, and there are plenty of examples on this forum.