Bluetooth + WiFi


I'm totally new to Arduinos, but I want to make a device to log the name of every Bluetooth device that walks past, then send me that information over the wireless LAN network.

I have found an Arduino board with Bluetooth:

and a WiFi "shield":

Could you tell me if these will work together and be suitable for my project? Also, the price looks high, could I do this any cheaper?

Plus, any info about any other components I'll need (power supply, etc) would be great.



Also, the price looks high, could I do this any cheaper?

Considering your user name, that's a strange question...

True! But I have to buy about 15 of these, I'm not that rich!

I'm curious why you need to do this. I have enough trouble getting my bluetooth headset to talk to my phone, let alone getting it to talk to strangers.

The device wouldn't need to actually make a Bluetooth connection, just find the names of the Bluetooth phones nearby. This should be much easier (I hope).

I'm a PhD research student looking at opportunistic networks. I want to gather human trajectory information to be incorporated into an opportunistic network simulator. :)

If you want Wifi, I don’t think you will get a lower cost solution on Arduino.
Could you use the bluetooth for communication as well as for the inquiry ? I don’t know if the WT11 has a limit to the number of inquiry results. You do appear to be able to get remote name and RSSI information using iwrap

The WLAN seems to be on SPI and the WT11 on serial, so you are OK on ports.

Go for it !

Hi, thanks for replying. I think I'm going to just buy a normal mini PC (about £100) plus bluetooth and wifi usb dongles for about £10. I think that'll work out cheaper (can't believe it, but seems true)

Thanks again, though