Bluetooth with multiple devices

Hi all, this is my first time here.
I need help for what concerns the usage of the bluetooth modules HC-05. I have three of them mounted on three arduino uno and I want to simulate a broadcast message from the master to the two slaves. I already know that they need to be paired, so my working idea is to do the following steps:
-during setup pair the master with all slaves
-when there is a message to send
for all devices
-disconnect from the previous slave
-send an AT+FSAD to don't have to inquire
-link with the next slave
-send the message

The problem is that to do all these steps it takes about 5-10 seconds to send data to each slave and you can easily understand that the broadcast effect gets lost...
There is a way to speed up things? If not, which (cheap) hardware could you suggest me to do this thing?

Thanks in advance.