Bluetooth with multiple slaves

can i have in my project multiple slaves with one master using bluetooth. i want the slave to get information from couple of slave . my goal is to have one master and 8 slaves.

Is this passable?

please and thank you.

What are trying to do, to where you need multiple slave modules to one Master?

Bluetooth is usually a one-to-one connection. Some can connect to multiple slaves, but they are very expensive. Can you use RF modules instead, you can have as many receivers as you need.

i am trying to collect data from the slave when the master calls for it.

do u have a example of a Bluetooth module that can handle multiple slaves.

do u have a example of a Bluetooth module that can handle multiple slaves.

I don't, but have you tried doing a search?

i am not sure exactly what to search for? is there a name for a bluetooth that can work with couple of slaves?

What about something like this, its not a module though.

sadly that cant help me. but thanks.
i just browsed throw the TI websites and programming over view if the Bluetooth chips i could fined but the max is three. not just to figure out how can i code it.

I think you are on the wrong tram. Bluetooth is better for one-to-one operation and connecting with the outside world. Connecting within the Arduino world, its sensors etc., is better done by other means. For instance, NRF24 transceivers are similar in cost and performance to bluetooth, but may be arranged to work in large networks, and there are established procedures for doing this.

You should check out Maniacbug and the like

thanks you both for the help.
i will check ur idea out, my only problem is if the transmitting range is legal in my country.