I am quite new to this world.

Would it be posible to create a bluetooth node wich can connect to ie a raspberry?

Ie, make a low power bluetooth door sencor?

Speedy911: to create a bluetooth node wich can connect to ie a raspberry?

Probably, but it depends on what you mean by node. This is an Arduino forum.

Agreed. Probably, but why do u even need the pi. You could easily make a door sensor with an Arduino and using a nano or attiny85 would make it use even less power


Thanks for your answer.

How is a attiny85 able to comunicate? At far as I can see it cant.

The project is needed to be as less power hungry as posible.

How would you guys start?

Attiny85 can connect to Reed switches for the door and a Bluetooth module for Bluetooth. It would use like 1% of the battery from a raspberry pi. I mean you could run the whole circuit with a 9 volt.

That is of course, if all u need is a door sensor, you weren't very specific with your project, such as what you need the Bluetooth for. Hope I helped at all :D

Bluetooth will not be a good route if you intend at all to do multiple sensors. I just saw a kevin darrah vid on youtube for a very low power door sensor that performs a push notif, search for it and it might give you ideas.

Agreed. I'd personally go with wifi or if you want to be able to see it from anywhere in the world, through a server. But I still don't see the need for a raspberry pi.

Ps. I would quote him but it won't let me on my smartphone for whatever reason. But I'm referring to INTP's comment