Bluez5 pairing to BT 2.0 EDR device with fixed pin/key


I've Openwrt running with all the needed packages to support my USB bluetooth dongle. Openwrt finds the dongle and finds the device that it needs to connect to. So far so good.

The problem is that I cannot figure out how to provide the fixed pincode during the pairing of the two devices. Most examples are based on older versions of Bluez. The tutorial on: seems to be based on Bluez4

Normally Bluez5 comes with bluetoothctl to guide the pairing process and generation of the required configuration files, but this tool seems to be missing in the bluez-utils 5.1.3 package.

I've managed to connect both devices with the same BT-hardware on a different Linux based platform, but with the help of bluetoothctl.

How can I pair the two devices without bluetoothctl? If bluetoothctl is needed, how can it be installed?

Which devices are you using? The BLE protocol is not the same. There is no pairing per se.


I want to pair with a BT 2.0 EDR device, meaning legacy pairing.

frajaweb: I want to pair with a BT 2.0 EDR device, meaning legacy pairing.


okay. Got it. I've been avoiding legacy devices that require "legacy pairing". I can't help you. You might want to try one of the RPI forums. Unless someone else here knows something, and speaks up soon. ;)


Are you aware BT 2.0 chip set could cost more than BT 4.0 chip set at OEM market?