Fellow engineers,

I just started learning about arduino and I need some help.

I want to connect my PC to Bluno Mega 2560 wirelessly using the on-board Bluetooth to blink a LED to start.

Could anyone help me in initiating the process?

I am going to use the BLINK code available on the Arduino IDE.

:confused: :confused: :confused:

Do you understand how Bluetooth works?

I am still exploring about Bluetooth.

I have previously worked with rpi and xbee but not with arduino

Bluetooth is much the same,irrespective of the platform. I think you were asked the question because Blink just Blinks the LED and bluetooth is not involved.

You might find the following background notes useful.

Thanks for your reply and I will certainly look up the notes.

What I actually want to do is to just connect my PC to the BlunoMega 2560 or ( Arduino Mega 2560 with HC-05 connected to it ) and light up an LED. I want to send a command through my PC to the Arduino to light up that LED wirelessly in this case; Bluetooth.

I know I am confusing you guys but let me get back to you after researching a little bit more.

The blinking of LED is not what I intend to do; it's just so that I can connect my pc to the 2560 and atleast do something!

OK, PC controls LED on Arduino via Bluetooth. The code can be the same as PC controlling LED on Arduino via USB cable - not much research needed.

I don’t know anything about Bluno stuff, but I believe they use BT4, not HC-05.

Yes, Bluno Mega 2560 uses BT4.0.

I also wanted to try the Arduino Mega 2560 with Hc-05 connected if in case, i am not able to work Bluno.

The only problems I am definitely aware of will be at the other end. Your PC may be BT2 and not all BLE devices are backward compatible.

The above notes are probably OK with BT4, but are specifically for HC-0x.