Blutooth shild LED control

I'am trying to control a led ON/OFF using Arduino UNO and a Bluetooth shield

i have this

it is based on hc-05
the tutorials i found that are about the hc-05 is not working for me, i have the hc-05 embedded in the shield and i did not found any tutorials for this shield

here is my code (it is working when i use the usb serial ctrl + shift + m)

void setup () {
    pinMode( 13, OUTPUT );

    Serial.begin( 9600 );
    Serial.println( "Ready" );

void loop() {
    if ( Serial.available() > 0) {
        int inByte =;

        switch ( inByte ) {

            case '0':
                digitalWrite( 13, LOW );

            case '1':
                digitalWrite( 13, HIGH );



i connected my android phone to the shield successfully using blurterm2 when i send 1 or 0 nothing happens

what i'am missing ?

Are you sure you are connecting to the HC-05 Module? I just learned about these as well so I may not be much help.

You may want to try the Ardudroid app in the google play store. He also has the ardudroid.ino program for the arduino on his site. Then you can test High and Low on the 13 pin to start. I found that to work really well. That may give you some tips.