Blynk Arduino to regular Arduino Interfacing

Hi everyone, I am currently working on a project for which I am going to motorize my blinds to make my morning routine a bit easier. I have my google home and wanted to use the google home to send a command to IFTTT which would summon webhooks which could then trigger an esp8266 module. My issue is that I have no idea how to use the esp8266 to control the motorized blinds. I sincerely doubt that blynk has integrated support for a stepper motor driver so my original idea was that the esp8266 simply activates a digital pin, and then that digital pin could output to another arduino (probably a pro mini or teensy) and then that arduino would be able to detect that digital input and then have the stepper motor rotate a set interval to properly open/close the blinds. Does anyone know how to write such a code because I have no idea.

Blynk has virtual pins. You can code what happens if the virtual pin is activated.


  boolean pushed = param.asInt();
  if (pushed) {
    if (started == 0) {
      started = millis();
    } else if (millis() - started > 1000) {
      started = 0;
    digitalWrite(RELAY_PIN, started != 0);
    digitalWrite(LED_PIN, started == 0);

Might get some helpful info from this YouTube Video.